Todd Binkley is one of those rare business professionals and talented entrepreneurs, who despite all of his success from a very early age, has always remained humble and very thankful during every step of his personal journey. Todd and his family grew up in small town Vaughnsville, Ohio where they he had a very traditional upbringing that thrived on hard work, respect and also kindness to others. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and money certainly wasn’t a given. It was always earned. When Todd graduated from high school, Todd took the next step in his journey by attending Rhodes State College and Franklin University where he eventually graduated with a MIS Management Degree. This then led him down the path to many early business successes including…

  • Incorporating his first successful business venture at only 22, and hiring 15 employees within a 24-month period. 

  • Building his first million-dollar company Comm-Core, LLC by the age of 26, exclusively through recruiting agents, partners and SMB’s to sell his own products and services to their own loyal customer base.

  • Becoming a Certified Business & Leadership Coach, a Certified UNSTUCK Instructor, as well as Wiley DiSC Certified.

  • Becoming a partner in Virtual Technologies group, Inc., which is now run by nearly 60 happy employees and has become a $17.5 million dollar company.

  • Earned Rookie of the Year 2006 – Communication Sales and his First Technology company was ranked Top National Sales Organization – 2006 by Lightyear Network Solutions.



Todd has vast experience in merging companies, selling companies, losing companies as well as growing them from the ground up. He’s been part of and experienced each evolution of the company lifecycle, and he knows what works…and what doesn't. Today Todd is happily married to his high school sweetheart Alison who he’s been married to now for 19 wonderful years and resides in Columbus, Ohio. Besides having a deep passion for business and entrepreneurship, and still being part of a handful of successful companies, Todd is now pursuing his other passions which include: speaking to and coaching budding entrepreneurs, developing new cutting-edge technologies and systems for businesses and entrepreneurs, and helping them grow their own businesses. In his free time, Todd enjoys flying as a certified pilot as well as traveling to new and exciting places with his wife.