How To Get UNSTUCK As An Entrepreneur - Todd Binkley

How To Get Unstuck As An Entrepreneur - the first part of wanting to go further, to do more or just to be better starts with "WANTING TO". Often times when speaking with entrepreneurs and business owners I find they have become very complacent in their current role, life and etc. In order to go further or to do more you must first want to! That means that you need to do things that others won't, be willing to invest into yourself, actively look for and take advantage of opportunities that will take you further. For example: I have a friend thats always wanted to have his own business; however, EVERY time an opportunity presented itself for him to become more knowledgeable in running a business or the opportunity to go and learn how to start your own business, he's always had something come up or he didn't have the money. The point is this... we all make time and find the money for the things we want most out of life... period. If your friends called and asked you to go to dinner, even if you didn't have time.... chances are you would make time... why? Because it's something you wanted to do. I challenge you to think about what it is you want out of life and ACTIVELY GO GET IT! Stop making excuses and go for it; otherwise, 5,10,15 years from now you're going to be in the same place wondering what you could of had or done! Stop waiting and wondering and Go Get It!

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