How To Sell Anything To Anyone

How To Sell Anything to Anyone starts by first understanding your selling style and your personality. Until you understand your strengths and your weaknesses you'll be continually taking a shotgun approach to selling. Some you'll close and some you won't. With 4X you'll increase you close rate by at least 4X. The proven concept behind 4X Profile Selling is based on 4 areas of selling. 1. Profile (Who are you and how do you sell) 2. Selling (Understanding your Buyers Personality and How they Buy) 3. Marketing (You need to customer tailor 4 separate marketing programs to hit all 4 quadrants) 4. Coaching (You need to coach to sales teams and your clients) By understanding and mastering this technique you'll be able to recruit anyone to sell anything! Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday on a wide range of entrepreneurial and business topics. For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in my video, visit -- ►Subscribe to the channel: -- Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin:

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